Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Berry Gelato

Finally, an icecream maker machine has found its way into my kitchen! There have been so many times I have come across delicious icecream, sorbet, and gelato recipes that look so scrumpcious, creative, and much lower in fat then what you find in your local grocery store! Each one playing its role as a flavorful, creamy, icey, refreshing treat.
I am a big fan of berries, which is why I awlays keep a package of Trader Joe's frozen mixed berries on hand, so I'm always pretty comfortable in experimenting with berries as the base of my flavors for new recipes. I also wanted to take advantage of being able to make my frozen treat extra healthy, the healthier it is, the more scoops you get ;), so I decided to go with a berry gelato.

I didn't search too much to find a berry gelato base, and was confident in picking a recipe I found at The steps are pretty simple, meaning it isn't to hard to put it all together, and to be honest, the step that took me the longest (that I wasn't prepared for), was waiting for my icecream machine to chill in the freezer for over 24 hours! Ahhh, a little advice; read the intructions of any new device you get ahead of time, so that your not stuck waiting with a ready made batch of gelato batter that has to impatiently wait in the fridge for over a day, to let the icecream machine chill!

Instead of using a certain type of berry, I just threw in the 3 whole cups of mixed frozen berries that came all together in the package, which i let thaw for a bit. I take that back, knowing how impatient I am, you uprobably figured I let them thaw for 30 seconds-a minute in the microwave. :)

Overall, the flavor of the gelato was pretty good. The cornstarch, in the ingredients was noticable and for the future I would like to find a replacent for it. I used low-fat milk, which was fine for me, but if you would like a creamier gelato, use whole milk, or any milk with a higher fat content.

The only major thing I was disspaointed in, was the texture of the gelato. Throughout a few days in the freezer, it started to get a more solid texture, almost like a popsicle. However, that could have been, because the berry mixture was in the fridge a day longer then it was supposed to be, but hey, maybe I just mixed it for the wrong period of time. After all, this was my first time using an ice cream machine.

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