Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Their arn't many times when I'll bake a classic cheesecake, five layer chocolate cake, or one of my favorites, red velvet with cream cheese frosting. The only times I do bake heavy duty classics are most likely when I'm baking it for someone else. If I were to bake it for my family, it would be very likely, too likely in fact, that I would eat a big slice everyday, which is why I always try baking lighter treats. But sometimes, after you've managed to squeeze in some long walks in the morning, you're in the mood for baking, you want something that will put a huge smile on your face, and not to mention you've got some red food coloring on hand...then it is time to bake some red velvet!!

I decided to go with red velvet cupcakes and found a recipe on allrecipes.com. The link to the recipe is http://allrecipes.com/Recipe-Tools/Print/Recipe.aspx?RecipeID=105768&servings=20.
The only changes I would make when baking these are putting only 1/4 cup of cocoa powder instead, because I found the fll 1/3 cup to be too much, and then putting half oil, instead of all butter, because I would have prefered the red velvet cupcakes to be a little moister.

I also used half white flour, and the other half whole wheat flour, which didn't make a dramatically noticably difference, except the color of the batter wasn't able to get as deep and rich of a red as I would have liked, but none the less, they were definatly still red.

When even amounts of the batter was all scooped into each cupcake tin, they went into the oven and then finally came back out

But I couldn't start scarfing them down just yet. Because a red velvet cupcake without cream cheese frosting, to me, is like an oreo without milk! So I had to wait for the cupcake to cool, and in the mean I made a cream cheese frosting to go with it.

I only had an 8 ounce cream cheese jar, which was 1/3 empty, so I mixed that with 1/4 cup of softened butter, then added a drop of vanilla and gradually added 1 1/2- 2 cups of powdered sugar (however much you need to make it as thick or thin as you like)

So finally the cupcakes had cooled and the cream cheese frosting was ready, so I dolloped a spoonful onto each cupcake and spread it out with the spoon itself, eagerly trying to get them finished so I could eat one asap!
I crumbed the smallest cupcake (because who wants to have to eat the smallest one?!) before I frosted it, onto all the other cupcakes after they had been frosted.

About 30 pictures of red velvet cupcakes later, I was finally able to reach for one of them for myself...

...and it was love at first bite!!

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