Sunday, June 28, 2009

Berry Parfait

My friend slept over on a school night, and knowing how crazy the following morning would be (in our rush to get to school after a night of no sleep), I thought of a tasty, quick, and easy breakfast to put together. A Parfait. Parfaits can always vary in the types of fruit going in and flavored yogurt. There usually served with a side of granola to sprinkle on top.

I started with a scoop of vanilla yogurt in each cup. Then came on berries i got from a package of Trader Joe's Frozen Mixed Berries. I didnt have enough vanilla yogurt left for the second layer of yogurt, and all I had was plain yogurt and greek yogurt (a very thick yogurt). I mixed even amounts of both yogurts together, added a small drop of vanilla, and mixed in some sugar to sweeten them. Problem Solved. After the second layer of yogurt went in I dropped in some fresh raspberries I had on hand and a dollop of the leftover yogurt went on top of that. Since I didn't have any granola i picked out clusters from my vanilla almond clusters cereal which was a perfect match to bring out the flavor of the vanilla yogurt.

It's amazing what a plate covered in raspberries and few sprints of mint leaves can do...

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