Saturday, June 27, 2009

Berry Tart

Back in early June it was my mom's birthday and I was planning on baking tiramisu, thinking that was her favorite dessert. She told me, however, that her favorite dessert is a berry tart with a thin crust and even though i wasnt 100% sure what type of crust she was talking about i did my best to find a decent one that could play that role.

Fortunatley, I found a perfect recipe from and used this recipes I found on her fabulous blog

...The only thing i would have changed was sweetening the dough with some sugar, since I like my berry tart crusts a bit sweet, but no worries, because i just brushed some melted chocolate onto the crust once it was cooled which sweetened it perfectly and added a wonderful chocolately flavour to the whole tart.

I told my mom I would try making the tart as 'low calorie' as I could, so instead of a real heavy custard I whipped up some vanilla pudding which firmed nicely in the tart after spending overnight in the fridge.

Some cream (the white stuff) is on part of the tart because just as I was putting the layer of cream over the pudding/custard I realized I hadn't taken a picture with just custard on it , so scooped as much as I could of

Over the layer above i whipped up some heavy whipping cream adding enough powdered sugar to sweeten it up and some vanilla for flavor

Finally, came the layer of berries. I used a package of forzen mixed berries which in the future I do not recomend, because due to all the liquid the frozen berries contained, it made the tart a bit messy when it came to cutting and eating it.

I also had some fresh raspberries to top it all of and a sprint of mint...Happy Birthday Mom :)

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