Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brownies with Caramel & Chocolate Frosting & Nuts..oh my!

My cousins birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and of course he wanted a big batch of brownies made just for him. In our family, we never mind going to the extreme with our sweets, so since i could quickly prepare some chocolate brownie frosting with nuts and caramel on hand...

For the brownie base you can use any of your favorite brownie recipes but i wouldn't recomend a real thick and fudgy brownie since the brownies are going to have a layer of frosting and caramel on top. I added some nuts and chocolate chips to mine and a little bit of coffee, which is something I usually add to chocolate for the extra flavour when I'm baking with it.

When the brownies were cooled down i frosted them, although the chooclate brownie frosting I used wasn't as thick as i would have liked, but still complimented the brownies nicely.

Next came the layer of chopped nuts...

And then the swirls of caramel...

Then they got taken out of the pan and into a box to take to my cousins house =]

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