Saturday, June 27, 2009

Biscotti with Chocolate and Nuts

Treats were running out in the house, so I used that as my oppurtunity to bake biscotti, something i had wanted to do for some time, especially after i discovered a great recipe from

She posted a basic recipe of biscotti in which she added strawberries which i thought was a brilliant idea and delicious combination, but with my huge sweet tooth, i took the chooclate route with them. The recipe I found was, and instead of strawberries I added chocolate chips and nuts (roughly chopped walnuts and almonds).

Yea I know, i see that bight in it too...but hey, taking pictures of them made me hungry...=D

I also added some cocoa powder to half the batter, turning it into chocolate biscotti, as well as some fresh coffee for the extra flavor. Just like the other batch i made, i added the chocolate chips as well as the nuts as well as some chopped up chunks of dark chocolate.

The only mistake I made was taking it out of the oven when they still wern't super crisp, expecting them to get crunchier as they cooled, but the cooling process barely made a difference.

I took the pictures a couple days after i made them..of course all the picture perfect ones were gobbled up by the time i waited to take the pictures but the taste...oh that crispy, chocolatey, slightly nutty flavour....that hadn't gone anywhere :)

That's right, the ends got dipped into some velvety smooth melted chocolate and then dipped in a coating of chopped nuts...In the words of Rachel Ray "YUMMO"

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