Tuesday, June 30, 2009

French Toast with Almond Crust

My 'specialty' when I'm asked to baby-sit my brother and make him some food, is usually a crepe. He always asks me to make one for him when I have a chance, so when he recently asked me to make him one, which would have been around the 50th time I would have made him one, I decided to upgrade onto something different. Crepes are something sweet, can be eaten for both breakfast and dessert, and will fill you up. Something that seemed to fit in all three catergories was french toast with an almond crust. At first my brother remained stubborn and wanted a crepe, but when I made the french toast his mind was quickly changed.

For the bread part of french toast, I always think challah bread works best, but since I didn't have any on hand, I had to use hamburger buns and just thinly cut of the seseme seed coated top. I soaked it in a mixture of eggs, milk, a very small pinch of slt to bring out all the flavors going in, a drop of vanilla, powdered sugar to sweeten it, and some cinamon to go with the sliced almonds, in which I also tossed in some cinamon, sugar, and brown sugar.

Each slice of bread got soaked into the egg mixture

And then they got tossed into the sliced almond mixture

I also made these the morning after my cousins slept over for breakfast which meant lots and lots of french toast

I found some sandwhich bread to make it when my cousins were over. Still I can never quiet get as many almonds as I would like to stick onto the soaked bread.

I also mixed up some powdered sugar with cinamon to dust on top

They tasted great dipped in maple syrup as well

Anyhow, both times seemed to be a succsess considering from these faces

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