Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jump for Hearts Brownies and Cookies

Jump for Hearts is a heart foundation and my little brother's school was asked to raise money for it on there own. I love bakesales and always try finding excuses to have them at my age. Luckily my brother agreed and even though it was a cold day, we still sat outside for a few hours determine to get donations and sell our treats!

Going with the whole heart theme, I made a batch of brownies and with a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut the brownies into the shape of a heart.

Of course, what's a bake sale without chocolate chip cookies?! I have gone through so many chocolate chip cookie recipes, and tried a new recipe. Although their appearance looked a bit flat and the edges to dark, they had an amazingly chewy but still soft texture. Definitally how i love mine.

The ones towards the right side ^^ had chunks of walnuts in them

^ This was from when I was tryng to keep my little brother busy with pictures while we were waiting for someone to pass by on this chilly chilly day

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