Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Girly Girl Birthday Cake

When my cousin turned 3 years old in June, I baked her cookies with sprinkles. Simple as they were, that also meant her older sister who was turning six, excpected me to bake her something as special, with a little more awareness towards the definition of 'big and special'. I would have gone with cupcakes with colorful frosting designs on it, but when my grandma called, informing me we would all get together at her house for my cousin's brithday and wondering if I could bake a cake, I decided to comine her big birthday treat into one really special cake.

I already knew it would have to be a pink super girly cake, and tryng to kick it up a knotch, I decided to make it int0 a brithday cake as well. Usually, I would have a contrast as one layer vanilla and one chocolate, but she wanted everything in the cake to be vanilla and no chocolate.

For the basic cake I used a recipe my aunt always uses her friend had shared with her, wich is originally meant to be an apple cake, but has such a nice moist flavor but still sturdy texture to it, that I used it for the cake part.

-6 eggs
-2 cup. Sugar
-3/4 cup. Oil
-3 cup. Flour
-3 Tsp. Baking Powder
-1/2 cup. Orange Juice

1. Mix the eggs, sugar, oil, and vanilla together.
2. In a separate bowl, mix the flour and baking powder together
3. Alternate adding the flour and baking powder mixture and the orange juice to the wet ingredients, starting with the flour and ending with the flour.
4. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

This recipe was enough to fill up to round cake pans

I used one one of these same cake pans to press ice-cream into after i covered the pan in a layer of plastic wrap to make taking the layer of icecream out easier

To attach all the layers i bought premade frosting, and flavored one with pureed strawberries that i sifted all the seeds out of, knowing my cousin would enjoy the flavor from them.
The only flaw of adding the puree was that it took away a good amount of the sturdy/thick texture the frosting originally had

The assembly of the cake went like this:
1. A layer of cake
2. A layer of frosting
3. A layer of ice-cream
4. A layer of frosting
5. A final layer of cake
<--It would have helped if the icecream would have been more frozen and the frosting wouldn't have been as liquidy from the strawberry purree, to have helped keep its shape better
After everything firmed up a bit better in the freezer, i covered it in a layer of light blue frosting (that being my cousins second favorite color)
I also whipped up some cream coloring it with food coloring since the strawberry purree would have made the cream to heavy to whip up properly, and the covered the whole cake with it after it had fully hardened in the freezer
I decorated it by piping designs with the access cream I had leftover

At the very end I had very few spinkles leftover from previously, and sprinkled it onto the flower and her name (not photo-graphed)
Overall the cake was delicious, but the ice-cream was very messy and wouldn't firm up enough, even with sitting a few hours in the freezer


  1. Wow, Doreen, you are an AMAZING chef and you make the most delicious things...I am sooooo impressed especially with this cake!

  2. xoxo, Rose B. ^^