Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fruit Salad with Grapefruit

We had tons of fruits in our fridge on their way to rott. Over summer it's tempting to ignore the fruits and go straight to the cookie jar. So what better way to eat all the your fruits then to cut them up and toss them altogether in one bowl? I didn't have the classic berries you would find in a fruit salad, but I had fruits like honey dew, melon, pinapple, cherries (pit them first of course), apples, peaches, mangoe, strawberries and grapefruit fresh from our tree which no one would eat.

The grapefruits actually added a really unique flavor to the fruit salad. I cut them up in wedges and squirted the access juice onto the fruit salad.

Of course, you can put anything you want in fruit your fruit salads, so if you also have fruits rotting away in your fridge...

I love the crunch you get by adding some slivered almonds (ad them right before you serve it so they won't get soggy) and a sprint of mint for garnishing

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