Friday, July 10, 2009

Strawberry Banana Smoothie topped w. a Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Hot Day + Banana+ Lots of Fresh Strawberries + Blender = Strawberry Smoothieee Timeee!
Big boxes of strawberries went on sale for a great price so of course they came home with me.

However, the large amount wasn't getting eaten fast enough and was on its way to rott, and so i threw them into the blender with chunks of a banana

To make it more rich and creamy havving a thick greek yogurt, vanilla yogurt, and even strawberry banana flavored yogurt on hand, they all got thrown into the blender with the fruit

After it was all blended for a good few minutes into the consistency I wanted, I poured some into a serving glass and garnished it with some whipped cream and was hoping to find a mint leaf to put on top of the cream. Even though I coudn't find any mint, I conincidently had made chocolate covered strawberries earlier for someone and was able to use one of them to take the place of the mint leaf.

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