Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hot Cocoa w. a Chocolate Chip Cookie on a Rainy Day

I was in charge of babysitting my brother on a cold rainy day, and the weather wasn't the only gloomy atmosphere. My brother happened to be having a bad day as well, and decided to take his gloomy attitude out on me. So what's better to cheer someone up than with a chocolate chip and hot cocoa with marshmellows??

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookie batter a while back and rolled the unused dough into little balls and plopped them into the freezer, so I could easily put them into the oven/toaster oven whenever I feel like a chocolate chip cookie.

Anyways, long sotry short, the cookies got baked and were placed next to a hot cup of cocoa which had marshmellows floating into it =]

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